e-GEOS is the exclusive distributor of GeoEye-1/IKONOS data in Europe and N. Africa), with non-exclusive rights in the rest of the world.

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Ground Station

The e-GEOS Image Processing Facility(IPF) gives our clients access to high-priority tasking and processing over an Imaging Territory that covers Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean basin, so that acquisitions can be programmed, acquired, processed and delivered within a timeframe measured in hours.


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The GeoEye-1 satellite is equipped with the most advanced technology ever used in a commercial remote sensing system. The system provides images at nadir with 0.5-meter panchromatic (black & white) and 2-meter multispectral resolution. Just as important, 3 meters of inherent geolocation accuracy has never before been achieved in any commercial imaging system.

A polar orbiting satellite, GeoEye-1 orbits the Earth 15 times per day flying at an altitude of 681 kilometers with an orbital velocity of about 7.5 km/sec. Its sun-synchronous orbit allows it to pass over a given area at about 10:30 a.m. local time every day. Industry-leading agility, along and across track, means more imagery collected on a single pass.

GeoEye-1 can revisit any point on Earth once every three days or sooner. The satellite collects up to 700,000 square kilometers of panchromatic (and up to 350,000 square kilometers of pan--sharpened multispectral) imagery per day, ideal for large-scale mapping projects.

Customers can choose between Geo™, GeoProfessional™ and GeoStereo™ including Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), large-area mosaics and feature maps.

Panchromatic Resolution 0.41 meters x 0.41 meters
(Imagery for commercial customers is resampled to 0.5m resolution)
Multispectral Resolution 1.65 meters x 1.65 meters
Spectral Range 450–800 nm
450–510 nm (blue)
510–580 nm (green)
655–690 nm (red)
780–920 nm (near IR)
Swath Width 15.2 km
Off-Nadir Imaging Up to 60 degrees
Dynamic Range 11 bits per pixel
Expected Mission Life > 10 years
Revisit Time Less than 3 days
Orbital Altitude 681 km
Nodal Crossing 10:30 a.m.
Tripoli, Libya. GeoEye-1 Pan-sharpened multi-spectral image. ©GeoEye Inc.


IKONOS, derived from the Greek word for image, is the world's first commercial satellite able to collect black-and-white (panchromatic) images with 82-centimeter resolution and multispectral imagery with 4-meter resolution. Imagery from both sensors can be merged to create 1-meter color imagery (pan-sharpened). The more than 300 million square kilometers of imagery that IKONOS has collected over every continent is being used for national security, military mapping, air and marine transportation, and by regional and local governments.

IKONOS has a repetitive, circular, sun-synchronous, near-polar orbit guaranteeing full coverage of the earth. The sensor can be inclined to acquire imagery up to 700 km either side of the track (maximum incidence angle 26º), thus giving the satellite the capacity to revisit, albeit with different sensor angles and resolution, any area on the earth on average every 1.5 days (data resolution up to 2 metres). An average 2.9 day revisit can be achieved for 1 metre resolution data in an area that covers up to 300 kms either side of the track (angle +/- 10°).

IKONOS has an on-board recorder, and so can acquire data over almost any area of the Earth's surface. This recorder can hold 64Gbit of data (approximately 26 Full images of both Pan and MS data), and the downlink of data is made at the stations of Fairbanks and Tromsoe, in optimal position thanks to their high latitude.

Panchromatic Resolution 0.82 meters
Multispectral Resolution 3.2 meters
Spectral Range 526–929 nm
445–516 nm (blue)
506–595 nm (green)
632–698 nm (red)
757–853 nm (near IR)
Swath Width 11.3 km
Off-Nadir Imaging Up to 60 degrees
Dynamic Range 11 bits per pixel
Expected Mission Life > 8.3 years
Revisit Time Approximately 3 days
Orbital Altitude 681 km
Nodal Crossing 10:30 a.m.